Convergences Palestine/Israël Collective

Created in June 2001, the Convergences Palestine / Israel collective, whose stated purpose was to carry out publicly a series of meetings in France to describe the state of affairs in Palestine / Israel, is made up notably of journals of critical thought (Transeuropéennes, Intersignes, Lignes, La Revue d'Etudes Palestinienne), publishing houses (éditions La Fabrique), and human rights organisations (the Human Rights League and the International Human Rights Federation). Its objective was to provide an arena for both Palestinian and Israeli civil society actors - researchers and academics, field workers, NGO activists, artists - and to create a space for in-depth discussion drawing upon hands-on knowledge of the areas of conflict, thus seeking to overcome the debate of opinion.

From March to June 2002, the Convergences Palestine / Israel collective organised four high-level public meetings, of 5 hours each, which brought new elements of information, thought and action. This initiative, which was was expected to resume in the winter 2003-04 but could not find the financial means to do so, received the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network and the Paris-Villette Theatre.