Regional Training of Trainers Workshops

The Regional Trainer-Training Workshops (RTTW) were principally intended for young academics in the Balkans, but have also brought in several young instructors and/or researchers from France, Germany and Belgium. The Regional Trainer-Training Workshops’ goal was to create new social practices of knowledge production in the Balkans, in other words, to re-socialise young researchers and instructors, all of whom come from a common cultural area, but who lived in a region fragmented by the wars and changes that had occurred over the past decade. They also intended to create bridges between Western Europe and Southeast Europe, in the fields of post-secondary education and research. They fostered an inter-disciplinary analysis of key concepts in the field of the social sciences and the humanities, stressing their importance as indispensable tools at the regional level. They also aimed at contributing to the reform of existent curricula.

Since 2002 – following the recommendation of Transeuropéennes’ scientific advisory board, comprised of academics from Southeast Europe – the Regional Trainer-Training Workshops had replaced the former Regional Co-operation Workshops.

Created in 1997 by Transeuropéennes, in conjunction with its network of academics throughout the Balkans, the Workshops’ goal has been to bring the experiences and thoughts of activists into contact with the more theoretical analyses of academics and researchers. Regionally based in terms of their organisation and participants, the Workshops have also proven to be an outstanding place for exchange between generations.