Euro-mediterranean Cultural Workshops

The object of the Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Workshops was to bring together for a two-week period some thirty graduate-level students – men and women in the realms of comparative literature, philosophy, linguistics, translation, theatre, filmography or photography – from all the countries of the Mediterranean area, who were recruited independently of any institution, in order for them to work together freely in the framework of workshops and seminars. Inter-disciplinarity was one of the mainstays of this collaborative initiative. Following predefined themes, illustrated by a literary work from the north shore and another from the south shore, the programme featured lectures and seminars. It sought to foster the common production of an artistic or theoretical project, which may be continued over the period of several years through working residencies.

Artists and Researchers in Residence
After each session of the Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Workshops, and thanks to the organisation associated with the programme “Translating between cultures in the Mediterranean,” participants were given the necessary means to bring to fruition their common research projects: plays, videos, photography exhibitions, collaborative translations, collaborative research projects in the humanities, and so on.