Regional Cooperation Workshops

Created in 1997 by Transeuropéennes, after the Dayton Agreements, in conjunction with its network of academics throughout the Balkans, the Workshops’ goal has been to bring the experiences and thoughts of activists into contact with the more theoretical analyses of academics and researchers, working together on current urgent issues.

Regionally based in terms of their organisation and participants, the Workshops have also proven to be an outstanding place for exchange between generations. Former students of the Transeuropéennes summer universities were closely involved in the on-site organisation of the Workshops. They contribute as well with papers.

Last but not least, the Regional Cooperation Workshops proved to be a privilegied place for meeting and reconstruction social links beyon partition processes, a place deprived of any pressure, a third-part place.

From 1997 to 2003, the following research workshops were organised :

- "Towards a Critical Analysis of identity based Discourses" in Ljubljana, November 1997;

- "The Politics of Language" in Ohrid, May 1998;

- "Generations and Forms of Expression" in Sarajevo, October 1998;

- "Public Space and Individual Responsibility" in Belgrade, December 1998;

- "For a common Historiography of the Ottoman Empire", Istanbul, July 1999;

- “Transitions and Traditions : The Question of Weak States”, in Tirana, May 2000

- "Religion and Politics", in Sarajevo, Novembre 2001;

- "Documenting fiction", in Skopje, Novembre 2001

Some of these workshops led to a bilingual issue of Transeuropéennes.