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VOLLAIRE ChristianeVOLLAIRE Christiane

Philosopher, she pusblished many articles in political philosophy (dealing with migrations, politics of security and biopolitics), philosophy of medicine (politics of health, socio-political functions of medicine and health care), and in aesthetics (photography, arts, choreography, architecture, question of space). She's a member of the edition board of the journals Pratiques and Chimères, and takes part in the journals Lignes, Cahiers de philosophie, Transeuropéennes and Ah!. She gave a series of speeches at the Collège International de Philosophie on "processes of desaestheticization in medicine".



- Humanitaire, le cœur de la guerre (ed. L'Insulaire, Paris, march 2007), dealing both with the political question of the status of humanitarianism, and, in a critical manner, the aesthetical question of its representations.