The authors


Naoki Sakai teaches in the departments of Comparative Literature and Asian Studies and is a member of the graduate field of History at Cornell University, USA. He has led the project of the multilingual series TRACES.



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- Voices of the Past, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1991 (in English & Japanese, Korean forthcoming).

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- Pride and Prejudice, Seoul: Humanist, 2002 (with Lim Jiehyun in Korean, with the Japanese version forthcoming).

- Destruction of the World History, Tokyo: Ibunsha, 1998 (in Japanese with Nishitani Osamu, Korean translation forthcoming).

- Japan, Image, the United States - Community of Sympathy and Imperial Nationalisms, Tokyo: Seido-sha, 2007 (Japanese and Korean).

- Hope and Constitution, Tokyo: Ibunsha, 2008 (Japanese and Korean forthcoming).

- Deconstructing Nationality, Ithaca: Cornell East Asia Monograph Series, 2005 (co-edited with Brett de Bary and Toshio Iyotani).

-TRACES 1 'Specter of the West' 2000 (co-edited with Yukiko Hanawa in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese).

- TRACES 4 'Translation, Biopolitics, Colonial Difference' 2006 (co-edited with Jon Solomon in English; Chinese, Korean, and Japanese version forthcoming).