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 The “Convergences Palestine / Israel” Collective


The Collective Members

Etienne Balibar, philosopher (Transeuropéennes), Fethi Benslama, psychoanalyst, director of Cahiers Intersignes, Alain Brossat, philosopher (Lignes), Alice Cherki, psychoanalyst (Intersignes), Driss El Yazami, Secretary General of the International Federation of Human  Rights and Vice-President of LDH
Goran Fejic, expert to the United Nations, writer
Ghislaine Glasson Deschaumes, director of Transeuropéennes
Patrick Gufflé, director of Théâtre Paris-Villette
Hafid Hamdi Cherif, sociologist (Alger/Paris)
Kamel Hamouda, physician (Paris)
Eric Hazan, publisher (La Fabrique)
Rada Ivekovic, philosopher (Transeuropéennes)
Alain Joxe, Senior Research Fellow (EHESS – CIRPES)
Joëlle Marelli, translator
Nadia Tazi, editor in chief (Intersignes)
Emmanuel Terray, anthropologist
and with
Editions La Découverte and the Revue d’Etudes Palestiniennes


"In light of the tragic turn which events in Palestine / Israel have taken since September 2000,
in light of the state of the colonisation relentlessly imposed by the Israeli State on the Palestinian Territories, and of its disastrous effects on the populations,
in light of the deadlocked negotiations, necessary if a just peace is to be attained,
in light of the weak implication of the European Union in the urgent quest for solutions,

a collective was established in June 2000, whose stated purpose is to carry out publicly a series of meetings to describe the state of affairs in Palestine / Israel. Made up notably of the journals of critical thought Transeuropéennes, Intersignes, Lignes, Naqd, the Human Rights League and the International Human Rights Federation, the Collective is calling for the convergence of journals and publishing houses concerned by the issue,, as well as of all those who want to reflect upon the situation in a constructive way, in order to organise “Convergences Palestine / Israel”.

The Collective does not consider the attacks of 11 September, the war in Afghanistan, or the recent deterioration in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to be a hindrance to the pursuit of the objectives it has set out for itself. On the contrary, the urgency to consider the facts and to open a space of dialogue is greater than ever. 

-    Inform opinion makers in a detailed way, from different perspectives, about the actual situation in Palestine / Israel, sensitising French public opinion to the urgency of the situation;
-    Study the genealogy and cartography of the despair;
-    Foster, insofar as we are able, as third parties, the resumption of dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians, whose separation has become dangerous.

The Project
Five meetings, aiming at establishing the facts in Palestine / Israel since Oslo, will be held between February and June 2002. They will make it possible to hear both from Palestinians and Israelis, who, at ground level, are particularly involved in analysing the situation, and from other key observers, also especially invited to jointly decrypt these ten years of deadlock.

-    Running from February and June 2002, one session per month, for a half day or full day;
-    Location : Théâtre Paris-Villette ;
-    Public: opinion makers, invited by mail and duly registered (approximately 120 persons);