Issue 11 : Theater and the Public Space

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Numéro 11


Dragan Klaić : The Artist as a Self-Defining Subject


Theatre and the Public Space

Stanislas Nordey / Marc Dondey : Theatre and reconstruction

Tim Etchells : Losing & Finding

Keith Khan : Whose Culture ?

Fadhel Jaïbi : Inner exile

Elona Bundzaïtè-Bajoriniènè : Contacts + Scandals = Life

Gilles Abegg : The Performer in Motion

Claudine Galea : « The Greeks » History of an Experience, An Experience of History

Jean Bollack : To Produce – To Translate

Rachid Boudjedra : Remembrance of Sense Past

Mik Flood : Outer Space, Inner Tension

Rob La Frenais : The Pit and the Pendulum

Piotr Gruszczynski : The End of a World Apart



Jawad al-Assadi : Achoura’s Feast: A Street Drama




New European Geopolitics

Michel Foucher : Europe: A Question of Borders


Networks and Collective Action

Alain Béhar : La Chartreuse: One Place, Several Lives


The Arts in Movement

Laurent Wolf : Liquidation of Forms


Focus on the Media

Antoine Maurice : Diana: Global Emotions