Issue 14-15 : Politics of Language

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Numéro 14-15


Arundathi Roy : The End of Imagination


Politics of language

Antonio Santamaria : “Proper” Language ,“Improper” Behaviour

Yadh Ben Achour : The Linguistic Fracture in the Maghreb

Ranko Bugarski : The Names of our Language

Dubravko Škiljan : Communication and Identity

Rabeh Sebaa : Arabisation in Algeria : a Negation of “ Self” ?

Assimakis Tseronis : Demons of the Greek Language

Ilan Pappe : The Politics of Ethnicity and Religion in Israel

Berislav Šumanjski : Language Policies in History Textbooks (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia)

Ilija Časule : Identification Policies : The Case of the Macedonian Language

Ugo Vlaisavljević : The War Constitution of Small Nations of the Balkans or “ Who is to be reconcilied in Bosnia and Herzegovina ? ”



Sergio Benvenuto : Neapolitan Histrionics

Mimmo Jodice : Photographs

Predrag Matvejevitch : Trieste, Nightfalls




New European Geopolitics

Alain Chenard : The European Chart of Regional or Minority Languages


Networks and Collective Action

Robin Foot and Catherine Lévy : The sans-papiers and the Hidden Economy


The Arts in Movement

Hassan Chami : Lebanese Literature