Issue 19-20 : Divided Countries, Separated Cities

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Numéro 19-20


Radha Kumar : Settling Partition Hostilities: Lessons Learnt, the Options Ahead


Divided countries, Separated Cities

Ranabir Samaddar : The Last Hurrah That Continues

Friedrich Dieckmann : History as Drama

Claude Markovits : The Partition of India

Jacques Rupnik : Divorce by Mutual Consent or War of Secession? (Czechoslovakia -Yugoslavia)

Goran Fejić : On the Hague Conference,1991

Frédéric Sautereau : The Walls of Belfast (photographs)

Syed Sikander Mehdi : Refugee Memory in India and Pakistan

Meghna Guhathakurta : Families, Displacement

Ozren Kebo : The Mostar Story, or the Twenty-First Century Berlin

Ahmet Altan : Lies of the Island: Cyprus

Ritu Menon : The Dynamics of Division

Subhoranjan Dasgupta : Women’s Trauma and Triumph

Mushirul Hasan : Asymmetrical Nationhood in India and Pakistan (Interview)

Rada Iveković : From the Nation to Partition, Through Partition to the Nation: Readings



Antoine Maurice : Jerusalem’s Stumbling Blocks




New European Geopolitics

Ivan Čolović : Celestial Serbia’s Soft Landing


Networks and Collective Action

Paola Marrati : “Thinking Through Movement”: a Collective