Issue 22 : Translating, between Cultures

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Numéro 22


Immanuel Wallerstein : America and the World : the Twin Towers as metaphor

Bruce Robbins : How not to Criticize The Clash of Civilizations


Translating, Between Cultures

Marc Crépon : Memories of Empire (exploitation, imports, translations)

Nenad Misčević : Blue Jeans Under the Muslim Veil : why do we need inter-cultural translation ?

Ranabir Samaddar : The Destiny of a Translated Constitutional Culture

Richard van Leeuwen : Translating Shahrazad

Taieb Baccouche : The Translation of Human Rights into Arabic

Jean-Loup Amselle : Transcription/Misrepresentation of Oral Cultures

Rada Iveković : On Permanent Translation (We are in translation)

Susan Buirge, Anne Nordmann, Laurent Philippe : Losing and Finding one’s way. Underpinnings of a choreography (photographs)

Veena Das : Wittgenstein and Anthropology

Natalia Avtonomova : Translation and Reception of Psychoanalysis in Post-Soviet Culture

Samuel Beckett, Radomir Konstantinović : Yield Nothing to Translation

Etienne Balibar : Several issues in the work of Jan Assman

Jan Assmann : The Voices of the Hieroglyph : an echo of ancient Egypt (an interview with Adelbert Reif)

Raja Ben Slama : Tarab : exhilarated on an impossible wine



Oren Yiftachel : Bedouin-Arabs and the Israeli Settler State : land policies and indigenous resistance




Trans-European Perspectives

Jacques Rupnik : The Other Central Europe


Contentious Memory

Dragan Klaić : Partisan Hospital Franje


The Predicament of the Universities

Ugo Vlaisavljević : A letter on the democratisation of universities and on knowledge


Book Reviews

Marie Geyer : Kosovo : Winning the Peace

Thomas Dommange : Marx Without the Revolution

Christiane Vollaire : The Janus Face of Democracy