Issue 23 : Religions in Politics

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Numéro 23


Fethi Benslama, Jean-Luc Nancy : Translating monotheism


Religions in Politics

Mik Flood : Belfast,The Tyranny of Balance

Ivan Čolović : The sacred obejcts of the nation

Srdjan Vrčan : Exemplary case of former Yugoslavia

Nivedita Menon : Surviving Gujarat

Thanos Lipowatz : Orthodoxy and Nationalism in Greece Today

Ugo Vlaisavljević : Ethno-politics and Heavenly Good

Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin : Religion,Orientalism and the “secular” in Israeli discourse

Abdelmejid Charfi : Government in Arabo-Islamic Civilisation and Human Rights

Rajeev Bhargava : India’s Secular Constitution

Mucahit Bilici : Between orientalism and Muslim nationalism

Bruno Etienne : Muslims,the republic and secularity

Michael Löwy : Jewish Biblical Sources in Latin American Liberation Theology

Ranabir Samaddar : Utopia and Politics in Muslim Bengal

Carl De Keyzer : Photographs



Homage to Zarana Papić (1949-2002)

Zarana Papić : Ethnic wars and fascisation of social life in Serbia




The arts in movement

Anne Torres : Doha


Trans-European Debates

Niloofar Haeri : The Uses and Abuses of Classical Arabic


Book reviews

Rada Iveković : On Whether to Acknowledge the Split/Sharing of Reason